Diddy Kong Racing is the first racing game with an adventure and a story!

One day on Timber`s island, Timber invited his friends to come race with him in diffrent worlds with 4 tracks each on his island. Diddy, Conker, Banjo, Tiptup, Pipsy, T.T, Drumstick, Bumper and a kind Kremling called Krunch were all invited. But then a intergalactic space pig called Wizpig comes down and takes over the island. Timber and his friends must race with the help of Taj the indian elephant genie, and beat his 4 henchmen who used to be good guys. After beating Wizpig he flies to his secret world called Future fun land. He loses once more and crashes with his rocket into a planet. Timber`s island is safe again and the evil henchmen became good again.